Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello
Infrared Angular Filming
Rome Veronica Veil
Shroud of Turin
vatican veronica veil volto santo
Vatican Veronica Veil
Blue light filter of the Vatican Veronica reveals cross of blood seen on Shroud Turin face as a No 3
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 Shroud of Turin researchers when they say that there is only one cloth that has a miraculous encoded 3D negative photographic image as in the Turin Shroud are wrong. The evidence of my discovery and authentication of the Vatican held Veronica Veil a Jewish relic showing the face of Jesus Christ alive and about to be crucified is here. 

I have discovered in early 2011 a second holographic photographic image in this cloth the Vatican Veronica Veil a small hanky that wiped Christs face as He carried the cross to Calvary and in 2013 used the process on the second face images which were discovered on the back of the Turin Shroud during the restoration when the Holland cloth was taken off the back.

My processing on the '' second face '' from the back of the Turin Shroud which was under the Holland Cloth now covered up again reveals amazing images of the Messiah alive and resurrected with both eyes open, a hologram incredibly superimposed on another hologram of THE FACE OF A LION the signature of Jesus Christ as He is known ''the lion of Judah '' 

Videos revealing the simple form of infrared negative processing are below. In 2009 I discovered that tilting back the lcd screen on a laptop on negative photographic images converted them to positives. I took a cropped enlarged image of the Rome Veronica tilted back the screen and the face appeared. The process of angular filming and negative processing from a laptop works by altering the colour spectrum when the screen is tilted, this acts as a manual form of infrared processing which then reveals details we cannot see.

Using this technique I also in 2011 revealed the worlds first ''Live '' processing of the Turin Shroud face revealing before our eyes in one film take the incredible holographic true image of the Shroud of Turin face appearing without reversal of left to right as occurs when normal negative film processing is used. 

All my research and discoveries can be seen at the youtube channel by clicking on the clips below. My discovery of the second shroud type image in the Veronica Veil has been briefly mentioned in the New World Encyclopedia article Veil of Veronica. I have been an experimental photographer since 1987 and have now followed in the footsteps of Secondo Pia who in 1898 discovered the images in the Shroud of Turin.

I have now authenticated the Jewish Veronica Veil which appeared in Rome hundreds of years before the Shroud of Turin showing the exact facial features as the Turin Shroud. The cross of blood on the forehead filmed with a blue light filter in conjunction with angular filming is the No 3 we see on the black and white negative which is reversed from left to right on the Turin Shroud head. 

My discovery in the Vatican Veronica Veil has authenticated both cloths to each other they are real. The news media and Shroud of Turin researchers and the Vatican itself have failed for whatever reasons to reveal this to the world. You are now witnessing the ALIVE FACE OF THE MESSIAH JESUS CHRIST about to be crucified as incredible as that sounds. His right eye is bashed shut and the left is open staring at Veronica or Berinece as some call her, she wiped His face. The cross of blood matches the No 3 on the Turin Shroud forehead. The injuries we see on the right side of nose cheek of the Veronica Veil appear on the left side of nose and cheek on the Turin Shroud, remember this image is reversed on normal negative processing. 

It is incomprehensible that a second shroud type image has been discovered and the news media and Shroud researchers are keeping this from the world at large. A lot of money is being made by the perpetuation of the mystery of the Shroud of Turin, by the never ending books and conferences rehashing the same discoveries of the last 50 years. They have done a disservice to God and humanity by trying to keep my discovery hidden from the world but thank God for the internet. I have written a short book available on amazon called The Second Shroud Discovered which reveals the truth and story behind the discovery and parts of my life. (C)2011 Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello
The above images show the exact facial features and markings of both faces from the Shroud of Turin and The St Peters Veronica Veil. The mystery of the Shroud of Turin has been solved and authenticated by the new decoded photograph of the Veronica Veil held at St Peters in Rome. Please note the three spot injury markings right of Vatican Veil nose which appear on Turin Shroud face left side of nose. Unlike normal negative film processing which reverses from left to right Angular Filming does not reverse from left to right,it processes the actual negative image without reversal.
The Second Face Shroud Back Before Processing
Holographic face of a lion superimposed on another holograph of the face of Holy Jesus Christ resurrected eyes open
Second Face Shroud Turin Back Eyes Open Stage 4 May 2013
Shroud back second face stage 3 with black filter eyes open
second face shroud turin Jesus Christ alive real face eyes open ruello
Second Face Shroud Turin Back Eyes Open Stage 3 April 2013
real face Jesus Christ
2 Stages Infrared Angular Filming from Guiseppe Enrie 1931 negative now revealing skin hair incredibly life like 3D photograph (C) 2011 V G Ruello
real face of Jesus Christ
Angular Filming Reveals Actual Skin Hair Shroud Turin Front 2011