The Rome Veronica Veil
And The Second Face Shroud Back
Processed And Decoded
vatican veronica veil volto santo
Vatican Veronica Veil
[[]] For more indepth procedure on how to process the Vatican Veronica Veil go to the academia link where I have submitted a research paper. It has many more links and instructions and history
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I have processed and authenticated as true The St Peters Veronica Veil

My name is Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello a Shroud and Veronica Veil researcher and experimental photographer with 27 years experience

Dedicated to my mother and father Nicola and Vittoria Ruello RIP 2010. I have solved the mystery of the Shroud of Turin by processing the Vatican Veronica Veil in 2011. This cloth first appeared in Rome in the 8th century. The tortured face revealed is the same face as the Shroud of Turin. In 2013 I commenced processing the '' second face '' from the back of the Shroud originally discovered in 2002 during the restoration by Fanti and Maggiolo as faint red marks and revealed Christ with His eyes open and another hologram superimposed ontop of the face of a lion. The process used is Angular Filming from the lcd screen a technique I pioneered since 2009. It involves filming in angles and finding the window of colour filtration of the light spectrum to reveal elements from negative and positive images which are hidden.
My work has been mentioned in the New World Encyclopedia article Veil of Veronica. All Processed images (C) 2011/2013 Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello. Am looking for a documentary film maker please email me at 
The above images show the exact facial features and markings of both faces from the Shroud of Turin and The St Peters Veronica Veil. The mystery of the Shroud of Turin has been solved and authenticated by the new decoded photograph of the Veronica Veil held at St Peters in Rome. Please note the three spot injury markings right of Vatican Veil nose which appear on Turin Shroud face left side of nose. Unlike normal negative film processing which reverses from left to right Angular Filming does not reverse from left to right,it processes the actual negative image without reversal.
The Second Face Shroud Back Before Processing
face of lion shroud turin back second face
Face Of Lion Signature Of Jesus Christ Processed From Second Face Shroud Back 2013
Second Face Shroud Turin Back Eyes Open Stage 4 May 2013
Shroud back second face stage 3 with black filter eyes open
second face shroud turin Jesus Christ alive real face eyes open ruello
Second Face Shroud Turin Back Eyes Open Stage 3 April 2013
real face of Jesus Christ
Angular Filming Reveals Actual Skin Hair Shroud Turin Front 2011