The Rome Veronica Veil
And The Second Face Shroud Back
Processed And Decoded
vatican veronica veil volto santo
Vatican Veronica Veil
Vatican Veronica Blue Light Filter Showing Cross of blood which appears as a 3 mark on Turin Shroud forehead
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My work and discoveries are dedicated to my mother and father Nicola and Vittoria Ruello RIP 2010

The Vatican Veronica Veil appeared in Rome in the 8th Century AD 600 years !!! before the discovery of the Shroud of Turin. My groundbreaking work has authenticated both cloths to each other....I have solved the mystery of the Shroud of Turin.....The Cloths Are Authentic !!!!! 

I am the worlds foremeost researcher in Shroud of Turin and Veronica Veil imaging and exponent of this spectographic infared filming technique and offer my services for the analysis of any photographic image film or painting. Have studied to attain an in depth knowledge of the Vatican Veronica Veil including all copies of this relic scattered around the world over the past 5 years. Have been involved in experimental film and photographics since 1987.

The film technique was developed by myself in 2009, it is a form of infared spectographic film and image analysis using filming in angles to isolate certain colours of the colour spectrum to reveal details not seen by the naked eye. As seen in the video processing clip it is quite effective. It also allows for close up digital analysis. There are infared cameras costing a fortune but I am using a manual method where alternate angles filmed from the lcd screen gives me greater control to analyse detail. 

In 2011 I was the first to photograph the Vatican Veronica and process the 35mm negative film seen above. It reveals a face which was enhanced using Angular Filming Spectographic Infared. This evidence is indisputable, the 35mm film proves the Vatican Veronica is the one and only true and authenticated Veronica Veil which has now authenticated the Shroud of Turin. It appeared in Rome 600 years before the Shroud of Turin. Christ is seen alive with His right eye bashed shut and the other open with injuries to the right side of nose and face matching exactly the Shroud of Turin (these injuries appear on the left side as we view the negative Shroud image. Angular filming does not reverse from left to right but reveals the true image) Note the identical broad forehead and nose on both cloths.

Oh note is the cross of blood on the blue light filter Vatican Veronica seen on the Shroud forehead as a 3 and the injury markings on the right of face of the Vatican Veronica seen on the left side Shroud face. Angular Filming does not reverse from left to right as does negative processing of the Shroud face.

2013 The Second Face Shroud Back Christ Resurrected Alive

In 2013 Angular Filming was used to process the second face from the back of the Shroud, originaly discovered by Fanti and Maggiolo duirng the restoration of 2002. It comprises of 2 holograms superimposed upon each other, a lion face and the alive resurrected face of Jesus Christ with His eyes open.

The Vatican Veronica is a photographic negative relic like the Shroud. It took me 2 years from 2009 to 2011 to learn the process of filming in angles from the lcd screen to filter and enhance images. The lion from the second face was processed from the positive white and red stained second face. The eyes open second face of Jesus alive resurrected was processed from the black and white negative of the second face using several angles of Angular Filming then placed in a black and white filter programme. No photoshop or CGI has been used in any of the images you see below.

I now wait for science to catch up with my discoveries and have no doubt at all that the High Definition images they will one day reveal are identical to mine which can be considered as comparable to the first moonshot landing photographs a bit grainy and fuzzy.

My work has been mentioned in New World Encyclopedia article Veil of Veronica and was also published in an Australian newspaper called the Inner West Courier in March 2011.
All Processed Images History And Angular Filming Technique (C) 2011 / 2013 Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello. Images and Processing Technique also Registered with the USA Library of Congress 2012
The above images show the exact facial features and markings of both faces from the Shroud of Turin and The St Peters Veronica Veil. The mystery of the Shroud of Turin has been solved and authenticated by the new decoded photograph of the Veronica Veil held at St Peters in Rome. Please note the three spot injury markings
The Second Face Shroud Back Before Processing
face of lion shroud turin back second face
Face Of Lion Signature Of Jesus Christ Processed From Second Face Shroud Back 2013
Second Face Shroud Turin Back Eyes Open Stage 4 May 2013
second face shroud turin Jesus Christ alive real face eyes open ruello
Second Face Shroud Turin Back Eyes Open Stage 3 April 2013